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What is really included in a yacht charter ?
What is really included in a yacht charter ?

What is really included in a yacht charter ?

7 January 2023

Credit: Charterminute

A yacht charter typically includes the use of a yacht, crew and basic on-board facilities for a specified period of time.

Let’s see what is included in a yacht charter. Specific inclusions may vary depending on the type of yacht, the cruise itinerary (VAT rates)  and the charter contract.

What is included in a yacht charter fee?

The charter fee usually covers the use of the yacht for the agreed period.

Most yacht charters include a crew to operate the yacht and provide basic services. The crew may include a captain, chef, steward/stewardess and deckhands. The crew’s wages are usually included in the charter fee, but it’s customary to leave a gratuity at the end of the charter (5/10% of the charter fee).

For motor yachts (especially large open yachts with powerful diesel engines) the cost of fuel is usually not included in the charter fee, but this may vary depending on the charter contract.

Basic amenities such as bedding, towels and toiletries are usually included in the charter fee.

Many yacht charters include water sports equipment such as snorkelling gear, paddle boards and kayaks. However, the availability of specific equipment may vary depending on the yacht and charter company.

Some yacht charters include food and drink in the charter fee, while others require guests to pay separately (APA).

VAT may apply depending on the charter contract, itinerary, yacht status and cruising area.

When signing a charter contract, it is important to take the time to read and understand the terms and conditions, and know exactly what is included in your yacht charter.

What is included in a yacht charter

What is included in yacht charter: fuel is never included on fast Sport yacht charter.

What is included: read your contract first

Western Mediterranean Terms (WMT)

Under WMT (Western Mediterranean Terms, MYBA contract) charter rates include: fully equipped yacht rental, crew, yacht insurance, crew catering.
Charter rates do not include: fuel for the yacht (main engines and generators), for tenders and water toys; guests’ food and drink; port fees (boarding fee, passenger tax, etc.) and taxes if any; water and electricity on land; personal laundry; personal communication costs (including Wi-Fi) and anything not mentioned under “Rates Include”.

Eastern Mediterranean Terms (EMT)

Under SEMT or EMT (Standard Eastern Mediterranean Terms), charter rates include: rental of a fully equipped yacht, crew, insurance, crew food, fuel for 4 or 5 hours per day, port fees and taxes if any, except canal dues. Often, but not always, prices include water and electricity.
Prices do not include: fuel for the yacht for more than 4 or 5 hours per day, fuel for tenders, generator(s) and water toys, private marina fees, guest’s food and drink, communication costs and personal laundry.

Greek Terms (GT)

Greek terms are sometimes used for smaller yachts chartering around Greece and work in much the same way as MYBA conditions, with the exception of harbour and berthing fees within Greek waters, which are included in the GT agreement.

All yachts initiating or concluding their charters in Greece are obligated to possess a Greek charter license. The standard Value Added Tax (VAT) for such yachts with a Greek charter license stands at 24%. However, for charters lasting longer than 48 hours, a discount ranging from 50% to 60% is applicable, contingent on the cruising permits. 

COVID exemption: a temporary reduction was implemented in June 2020, bringing it down to 13%. This reduction pertains to “services of transport of people and their luggage” and it encompasses all yachts (over 24 meters) operating solely within Greek maritime boundaries. This lower rate has been extended until December 31, 2023, which is beneficial for those planning to experience a yacht charter around Greece this summer.


Standard Caribbean Terms (SCT)

Under SCT (Standard Caribbean Terms) charter rates include: fully equipped yacht rental, crew, insurance, guests’ meals, crew’s meals, fuel for a number of hours, often changing from one yacht to another.

Charter rates do not include: beverages, personal communication costs, personal laundry and harbour fees.

Here’s an SEO-friendly version of the text:

Chartering smaller yachts in the Caribbean usually involves a CTI contract, known for its extensive inclusions. This type of contract generally covers the cost of three daily meals and up to four hours of cruising each day. There might be additional charges for drinks on some yacht charters. If charter guests decide to indulge in high-speed cruising, jet ski usage, or extensive electricity consumption, additional fuel costs will be incurred and charged to the charterer’s account.

Other documents relating to contract

Addendum : an addendum is an item of additional material added at the end of a contract or document, typically in order to correct, clarify, or supplement something. There are various addendums to the charter contract: Covid addendum (MYBA contract), hurricane addendum, etc.

Non-Disclosure Agreement: a non-disclosure agreement, or NDA, is a legal contract that prohibits the disclosure of certain confidential information. In the context of luxury yacht charters, NDAs are typically used to protect the privacy of guests and their activities while on board. This can include everything from the names of guests to the details of their itinerary.

As a general rule, charter prices do not include the crew’s gratuity (5-10% of the gross charter fee) or any other extras. In addition, a repositioning fee may be charged to cover the cost of returning the yacht to the requested location.

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