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How to find best yacht charter deals
How to find best yacht charter deals

How to find best yacht charter deals

25 February 2023

Who doesn’t like a discount or a better luxury deal?

According to a recent article published in Forbes, ‘last-minute trips are currently in vogue.’ Interestingly, yacht charters are no exception to this trend.

If you are looking for affordable yacht charters such as early booking discount or last minute deals, Charter-Deal is the perfect choice.

Many yacht charter companies offer yacht rental deals and various discounts throughout the year, but only connects savvy charterers with the best deals under one roof.

We use AI technology to track down the best Mediterranean special offers and last minute deals available on the yacht charter market: discover expert tips to find best yacht charter deals and special offers.

Best yacht charter deals: don't miss the opportunities

Special offers provide a unique opportunity for charterers to save money (up to 25%!)  or receive a special benefit, product or service. Overall, special offers and last-minute deals can help make your dream of chartering a yacht a reality. With discounts, promotions, and package deals available, it’s possible to enjoy a luxurious and unforgettable vacation without breaking the bank. So start planning your yacht charter today and take advantage of the special offers that can help make it happen.

Best luxury yacht charter deals and special offers

Take advantage of luxury yacht charter offers, and superyacht specials.

What time of year should I look for the best yacht charter deals?

For early booking discounts, the best time of year to look for yacht charter deals is during the off-season, which typically runs from late April to early May, late September to October. During these months, the weather is still warm enough for sailing and water sports, but there are fewer tourists and therefore lower prices. 

You can also find good deals on yacht charters during the shoulder seasons, which are the months that fall between the high and low seasons. The shoulder seasons for yacht chartering typically run from mid-May to mid-June and from mid-September to mid-October.

How to find best yacht charter deals & special offers

By following these tips, you can find great deals on yacht charters and enjoy a luxurious vacation without breaking the bank.

Post updated on May 4, 2024

Special offers: early booking & last-minute deals

Princess 40m 10pax. 5 cab.
€29,250 /day
-10% in August
French Riviera
Azimut 27m 10pax. 5 cab.
€11,333 /day
-15% in June
French Riviera
Prestige 680 21.45m. 8pax. 4cab.
€5,483 /day
Early Booking
13% discount
French Riviera

Do you offer yacht charter deals all over the world?

In 2023 we are advertising special yacht charter offers in the French Riviera, Corsica, Italy and Sardinia. We are working hard to expand our offers to other countries such as Greece and Turkey.

Can I expect to enjoy the same luxury experience ?

Can I expect to enjoy the same luxury experience when I book a discount charter than a regular charter ? 

If you get an early booking discount or book a last-minute charter, you’ll get exactly the same service as if you paid the full charter rate: same charter terms, same qualified crew, same luxury yacht, same favourite food freshly prepared by your chef.

What type of yacht charter special offers can I take advantage of ?

Best Value

Best value for money is defined as the most advantageous combination of price, quality of service and condition of the yacht to meet the highest charterer’s requirements.
Search Best Value yacht charters

Early Booking

Booking a yacht early can give charterers a better deal on their next charter. Yacht owners are always happy to secure a booking well in advance. It can also allow charterers to start planning their charter itinerary in the best conditions. Book in advance and enjoy up to 5 to 10% (or more…) off your charter.

Search Early booking yacht charters

Extra Day

Charter a yacht for a week (or less) and receive a free night or day, excluding running costs (fuel, food, mooring…).
Search Extra day yacht charters

Luxury Yacht Charter Deals

Charter Deal comes with a powerful and easy to use 11 criteria search engine.

Fill the gap

Fill the gap charters allow the savvy charterer to enjoy a short charter (2 or 3 days or more) between two bookings.

Fill the gap charters means your itinerary and boarding location are not really flexible.
Search Fill the gap yacht charter

Free Delivery

Delivery/re-delivery fees (cost of fuel only or cost of fuel + fee to deliver the yacht to the chosen location) only apply if you wish to charter a yacht to a location other than where it is based. In some cases the owner will not charge a fee to deliver the yacht to the location you wish to embark.

The delivery fee can be quite high.
Search Free delivery yacht charters


If you are flexible with your travel dates, you can take advantage of last minute deals. Yacht rental companies often offer discounts on unsold yachts that are available for immediate rental. The yacht is put back on the charter market, often with an incentive, as a result of a last-minute cancellation. Booking late means you can swoop in and get some amazing deals on your yacht charter, giving you more value for money than if you’d booked ahead. However, your itinerary and boarding location may be less flexible.

Last minute charters require you to be flexible about where and when you want to charter, which means you may end up on an adventure you never expected. 
Search last-Minute yacht charters

Make an Offer

The yacht owner will consider any reasonable written offer to charter his yacht for an agreed period.
Search Make offer yacht charters

Charter discount: read the terms

Remember to always read the terms and conditions carefully before booking a charter and make sure you ask your charter broker any questions you may have before making a booking. 

Remember: last-minute deals offer less flexibility in terms of repositioning the yacht or changing the itinerary.

Key points to know when booking a discount charter

  • What is the Cancellation Policy?
    Things can happen, plans can change. Always understand the charter company’s cancellation policy before booking. It can also be a good idea to consider travel insurance for such high-value bookings.
  • What is the itinerary?
    Last minute booking may offer less flexibility: some yacht charters offer a pre-set itinerary, while others are customizable based on your interests. Ask what sort of flexibility there is in choosing destinations and activities.
  • What is Included in the charter fee
    Depending on the cruising destination and the details of the charter agreement, it’s crucial to ascertain what’s included in the charter fee.
  • What is the crew’s experience?
    Just because you’re booking a discounted charter doesn’t mean you’ll get inferior service or experience. The quality of your charter experience can depend heavily on the crew. It’s important to ask about their qualifications, experience and familiarity with the areas you’ll be exploring during your trip.


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