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How to charter a yacht on a budget: tips & tricks by experts
How to charter a yacht on a budget: tips & tricks by experts

How to charter a yacht on a budget: tips & tricks by experts

8 June 2023

Affordable yachting: is it an oxymoron or a reality?

Can you really experience the glitz and glam of yachting without breaking the bank?

The short answer is – yes, you can!
We are here to break down the art of affordable yachting for you, so buckle up for a luxurious journey.

Picture yourself on a yacht, basking in the sun, champagne in hand, and the cool sea breeze in your hair.

Luxury yachting can seem like an exclusive privilege for the ultra-rich. But hold on!

We’re about to dispel that myth. What if we told you, you could live this dream on a budget? Intrigued?

How to charter a yacht on a budget: defining affordable yachting

What does affordable yachting mean?
Does it compromise on the luxury and sophistication yachts are known for?

Absolutely not!
Affordable yachting simply refers to strategies and hacks to enjoy a luxury yacht charter without draining your savings.

How to charter a yacht on a budget

Affordable motor yacht charter: low fuel consumption, competitive pricing, 3 or 4 cabins

Understanding the costs

Before we dive into the world of budget yachting, let’s understand what makes up the costs.

The two primary components are the yacht charter fee and the advanced provisioning allowance (APA). The latter covers everything from fuel to food, drinks, and port charges. This transparency ensures you know exactly where your money is going.

Choose the right yacht

The first step is choosing the right yacht. There’s a wide range to pick from – motor yachts, sailing yachts, catamarans, and gulets.

Each type comes with its own price tag and perks. For instance, motor yachts offer more space and luxury but are also more expensive. Sailing yachts or catamarans can be more budget-friendly without compromising the experience.

Monohull sailing yacht are the most affordable for forst-time charter on a budget. Sailing is not only thrilling but also economical as it saves on fuel. 

Timing is key

The key to affordable yachting lies in good planning.

  • Chartering a yacht in the off-season can save you a hefty sum. Similarly, booking well in advance can help secure early-bird discounts.
  • Last-minute charters also offer good opportunities if you are ready to commit.

Affordable activities

Fishing, snorkeling, and beach picnics are fun, free, and give you the essence of a yachting vacation.

Travel in group

Yachting is more fun with friends and family. It’s also more economical.

Larger groups (ie 6 or 8 guests) mean the cost per person goes down significantly.


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Ask your charter broker, utilize the crew

A good charter broker as well as an experienced crew can provide invaluable advice on cost-effective routes and destinations. Their experience and local knowledge can save you money on food, fuel, and docking charges.

In short, how to charter a yacht on a budget is all about making smart choices. With the right planning and strategies, you can enjoy the luxury of yacht chartering without breaking the bank. So go ahead, step aboard your dream yacht and set sail on a budget!

How to charter a yacht on a budget: FAQ

  • What is the best time to charter an affordable yacht?
    The best time would be during the off-season when demand is lower, and prices are more negotiable.
  • What are some cost-effective yacht types?
    Sailing yachts and catamarans are usually more budget-friendly than motor yachts.
  • How can I reduce food and drink expenses on a yacht?
  • What are some free activities I can do while yachting?
    Fishing, snorkeling, and beach picnics are great free activities to enjoy on a yachting vacation.
  • Can I negotiate the price of a yacht charter?
    Charter companies and yacht owners are more open to negotiation, especially during off-peak times.

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About the author: Remi van der Deure – French Riviera Charter broker.


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I have served in the yacht charter industry for over 15 years and have gained a strong reputation among my clients, as evidenced by consistent 5-star ratings on Google Reviews and TripAdvisor.

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