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How to prevent seasickness: tips for a comfortable charter
How to prevent seasickness: tips for a comfortable charter

How to prevent seasickness: tips for a comfortable charter

13 September 2022

If you’re thinking of chartering a yacht, one of the potential concerns you may have is seasickness. This unpleasant condition can easily ruin a luxury holiday if not managed properly. However, with some preparation and the right measures in place, you can enjoy your charter without feeling unwell. Here are some tips to help you prevent seasickness and enjoy a comfortable trip.

Opt for non-drowsy formulas

When it comes to choosing seasickness medication, opt for non-drowsy formulas. These medications will help you prevent the feeling of nausea and dizziness without making you feel sleepy. It’s important to take the medication in advance, preferably in the morning of the day you board, to give your body enough time to adapt to the motion of the boat.

Consider Transderm Scop

ne effective medication that many people have found success with is Transderm Scop. This behind-the-ear patch requires a prescription and should be discussed with your doctor and/or pharmacist before using. While it can be highly effective in preventing seasickness, it’s important to be aware of possible side effects.

Be mindful of side effects

Before taking any medication for seasickness, it’s important to be aware of potential side effects. For example, Transderm Scop may cause dry mouth, drowsiness, blurred vision, and dizziness. Be sure to discuss any concerns you may have with your doctor or pharmacist and follow their recommendations.

Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is important when preventing seasickness. Dehydration can make symptoms worse and lead to additional discomfort. Be sure to drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol or caffeine, which can contribute to dehydration.

Get some fresh air

When you start to feel queasy, it can be helpful to get some fresh air. The fresh breeze can help alleviate symptoms and distract your mind from feeling unwell. Take a walk around the deck, find a spot with a good view of the horizon (sundeck or flybridge), and take deep breaths to help calm your body.

Advice from a charter broker

  • Motor yacht charter, choose a yacht with stabilisers: what causes seasickness is what’s called boat roll. This is when choppy waters cause the water to swirl around the boat, rocking it hard from side to side. This is one of the main causes of seasickness. On a motor yacht with active stabilisers, charterers will rarely experience the fatigue, anxiety and nausea associated with seasickness. Guests have reported that they are amazed at the effect of the stabiliser and that it makes boating a much more enjoyable experience.
  • Choose your destination carefully: seasickness can be a frustrating and uncomfortable experience for charterers, but it’s something that can be prevented or minimized with the right planning.
  • Choose your charter season: choosing a charter destination with protected areas and a yacht with a built-in stabilization system can go a long way in reducing the effects of waves. Planning your itinerary during a time when sea conditions are most favorable is also important.

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