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Family yacht charter with elderly people
Family yacht charter with elderly people

Family yacht charter with elderly people

22 May 2023

Enjoying a yacht charter with the family and elderly: as a yacht charter expert, we understand the need for memorable family experiences. Including elderly family members or those with mobility difficulties in these adventures can be a special touch.In this article we will

Choosing a friendly yacht

The first step in planning a family yacht charter is choosing the right vessel. A yacht that is senior-friendly will have plenty of seating options and safety features like railings and non-slip flooring. It’s also essential to consider the size and layout of the yacht. Look for a yacht with spacious cabins and ample common areas for easy movement and comfortable lounging.

  • A yacht with stabilisers is a definite plus for comfort at sea and safety when cruising.
  • Choosing a yacht with a large and comfortable tender enhances safety, and ensures accessibility for all passengers. It is an important consideration when selecting a yacht to optimize the overall charter experience.

Family yacht charter with elderly people: importance of the design

Inclusive yacht design is essential. A well-designed yacht suitable for elderly people should have easy accessibility features such as ramps, elevators, and wide passageways. It’s not just about safety, but about comfort and ensuring every member of the family can enjoy every part of the yacht.

Family yacht charter with elderly loves one

A large beach club is especially suited for the elderly: “The beach club links several areas that are normally more separated, transforming the whole aft part of the yacht into a ‘pieds dans l’eau’ interconnected social hub,” *Mario Pedol, co-founder of Nauta Design.
Courtesy: Wider Yachts

Family yacht charter with elderly people: crew attitude

When renting a boat with seniors, it’s crucial to have a crew that understands the unique needs of all passengers. A professional, understanding, and patient crew can significantly enhance the yachting experience for everyone, especially our senior family members.

Family yacht charter with elderly people: delicious and nutritious food on board

Catering to different dietary needs is key to the yacht charter experience. Many yachts offer gourmet dining experiences, with chefs able to customize menus for dietary restrictions or preferences. So, whether it’s a low-sodium meal for grandma or a gluten-free option for your cousin, the food onboard will add to your memorable journey.

Family yacht charter with elderly people: activities

A family yacht charter should include activities that cater to all ages and mobility levels. From relaxing spa treatments and yoga classes for grandma, to water sports and treasure hunts for the younger ones, make sure your charter company offers an array of enjoyable pursuits.

Family yacht charter with elderly people: FAQ

  • Can elderly people with mobility issues enjoy a yacht charter?
    Absolutely. Many yachts are designed with mobility in mind and crews are trained to accommodate guests with mobility difficulties.
  • How do I choose a suitable yacht for an elderly family member?
    Look for yachts with accessibility features, spacious designs, and safety measures like railings and non-slip flooring.
  • Are special meals available for elderly family members with dietary restrictions?Yes, many yachts offer customizable menus to cater to any dietary restrictions or preferences.
  • Are there activities for elderly family members on a yacht charter?
    Absolutely. Many charters offer relaxing activities like spa treatments, yoga, or scenic tours that are suitable for all ages and mobility levels.
  • Can the crew on a yacht charter accommodate the needs of elderly family members?
    Yes, professional yacht crews are trained to cater to all guests’ needs, including those with mobility issues or other special requirements.

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