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Why choose a stabilised yacht for your next charter?
Why choose a stabilised yacht for your next charter?

Why choose a stabilised yacht for your next charter?

1 March 2023

As any experienced charterer knows, comfort at sea is a key factor in a successful charter. However, the open waters can often pose challenges to this goal, particularly when it comes to seasickness caused by excessive rolling. Fortunately, the latest stabilisation systems have revolutionised the luxury yacht industry, providing charter guests with a superior cruising experience.

Why choose a stabilised yacht ?

For those who are prone to seasickness, the prospect of a yacht charter may be daunting. This is where stabilization systems come in. The benefits of selecting a yacht equipped with the latest stabilisers far outweigh those of a yacht without, with the comfort of cruising being unparalleled. 

Fins, Gyro, Zero-Speed...

Among the different types of stabilisers available (passive devices, gyro, fins…), Zero-Speed stabilisers are particularly effective. Both gyro and Zero Speed stabilizers work underway and at anchor. The experience of cruising in comfort is unparalleled on these yachts.

Gyro stabilizers: It’s interesting to note that 50 years ago dozens of yachts were fitted with gyro stabilisers. It’s essentially a massive metal wheel spinning at high speed: the more massive the wheel and the faster it spins, the greater the force. This force, transmitted through the foundation of the gyro into the hull structure, counteracts the rolling of the yacht.

Fin Stabilizers: these stabilizers are incredibly efficient at higher velocities when the yacht is underway, thanks to their ability to control roll, pitch, and yaw. While definitely not as effective as Zero-Speed stabilisers when the yacht is at anchor, they can still help reduce rolling to a certain extent.

Zero-Speed Stabilizers: Zero speed or at-anchor stabilization, is a variant of the active fin stabilizer system that has proved itself aboard yachts for many years. At anchor, zero-speed stabilizers work tirelessly to keep the yacht stable, reducing roll by as much as 50%. This system ensures that guests can lounge on deck, sleep in their cabins, or enjoy mealtimes without feeling the effects of seasickness.

Benefits of stabilised yacht

Choosing a stabilised yacht comes with a variety of benefits that enhance the overall boating experience. Here are some compelling reasons why you might opt for a stabilised yacht.

Historically, only large displacement yachts enjoyed the luxury of stabilisers at anchor and underway. However, many large sport yachts have undergone refits and now boast innovative gyro-stabilization systems. This technology significantly improves comfort at sea, especially at anchor, without compromising their high performance.

Gyro stabiliser fitted in engine room
Large gyro stabiliser installed in a Mangusta 108.

Here are some compelling reasons why you might opt for a stabilised yacht.

1. Enhanced comfort

By minimising the yacht’s roll, stabilisers also enhance safety onboard. A stable platform reduces the risk of falls and accidents, especially when moving around the yacht or during activities like preparing meals or navigating rough waters.

2. Safety

Perhaps the most significant advantage of a stabilised yacht is the increased comfort. Stabilisers work to counteract the rolling motion of a boat caused by waves, reducing the yacht’s tilt and providing a more stable, smooth ride.

This feature is particularly beneficial for those prone to seasickness.

3. Improved Performance

Stabilisers can help improve a yacht’s performance by reducing roll, which, in turn, decreases resistance and can contribute to better fuel efficiency. Additionally, when a yacht is more stable, it can maintain better speed and course, offering a more enjoyable cruising experience.

4. Increased yacht value

A stabilised yacht often has a higher resale value compared to one without stabilisers. The added comfort, safety, and improved performance that stabilisers provide can make your yacht more attractive to potential buyers.

Stabilised yacht: the limitations...

  • Most stabilisers are only effective within a certain range of sea states.
  • In addition, fin stabilisers can affect cruising speed and fuel consumption in a variety of conditions on medium-sized yachts.
  • At night, fin stabilisers can be noisy on mid-sized motor yachts at anchor.
  • Because of their drag at speed, fin systems are not suitable for fast yachts with planing hulls, so fast Italian sport yachts are not fitted with fin stabilizers.

In conclusion, while choosing a stabilised yacht might come with higher charter rate due to the cost of stabilising systems, the benefits in terms of comfort, safety, and overall performance often make it a worthwhile investment for many boaters.

As always, it’s essential to consider your specific needs and circumstances when deciding what features are important to you in a motor yacht.

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Updated on May 5, 2024
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Quantum Zero-Speed stabilisers at work

Yacht fitted with stabiliser

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