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Is the crew more important than the yacht?
Is the crew more important than the yacht?

Is the crew more important than the yacht?

5 March 2023

First time charterers tend to only look at the yacht’s specifications (newer yacht, huge fleet of water toys, number of decks…). Both the yacht crew and the yacht are important for a successful charter experience, but it’s generally agreed that the crew can have a bigger impact on the overall experience.

A yacht can be new, luxurious and well-appointed, but without a knowledgeable and attentive crew to operate it and cater to the guests’ needs, the experience may fall short.

Why does the yacht crew matter ?

The crew is an essential component of a yacht charter, as they play a crucial role in ensuring:

  • the safety,
  • comfort,
  • and enjoyment of guests onboard.

Factors to consider when choosing your yacht charter

Not all crews are created equal.

To choose the perfect combination of yacht and crew for your charter, there are several factors to consider that can make a big difference to your experience. These include the following:

Crew size and expertise

How many crew do superyachts have?
Large crewed yacht charters (ie yacht > 60m) usually have between 20 and 45 crew members.

The size and expertise of your yacht crew can greatly influence the quality of your charter experience. While a larger crew may offer more specialized skills and services, a smaller crew may be able to provide more personalized attention and a greater sense of intimacy.

  • What kind of service do you expect?
  • Is silver service a priority for you?
  • Do you prefer a young and energetic crew or a more formal and mature and discreet style of service?
  • Do you have a baby on board and need a nanny?
  • Do you need a high crew to guest ratio?
  • Do you have a preference for certain languages or nationalities?


If you’re planning a charter in a specific location, you should look – or ask your charter broker…- for a yacht crew that has extensive knowledge of the area. This will enable them to provide expert recommendations on the best spots to visit and the most exciting activities to enjoy.

Cuisine and service

If you’re a foodie or have special dietary requirements, look for a yacht with a chef who specialises in your favourite cuisine or is flexible enough to accommodate your needs. You should also look for a crew that can provide exceptional service and make you feel pampered and cared for throughout your charter.

Water sports and activities

If you’re looking to engage in water sports and other exciting activities during your charter, you should choose a crew that has expertise in these areas with a RYA certification. This will enable them to provide you with the necessary equipment, guidance, and support to make the most of your adventure.

Word of the charter broker

  • A high-quality yacht can certainly add to the overall experience and may be a deciding factor for some guests. Ultimately, it’s important to consider both the crew and the yacht when choosing a charter, and to prioritize what’s most important to you and your guests.
  • Talking to your yacht charter broker about what your family or guests like to do – activities, points of intestest, and what you expect – is essential so that your charter broker can match the perfect crew and yacht to your needs and preferences.

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Updated on April 20, 2024
About the author:
Remi van der Deure – French Riviera Charter broker.


I am the senior Yacht Charter Broker at Charterminute, a well-known yacht charter boutique in Antibes.

I have served in the yacht charter industry for over 15 years and have gained a strong reputation among my clients, as evidenced by consistent 5-star ratings on Google Reviews and TripAdvisor.

My specialty is organizing corporate yacht charters for startups and large companies during popular events like the Cannes Lions Festival, MIPIM, TFWA, and MIPCOM.

I am also proud to be a member of esteemed yacht broker associations, e-MYBA and ECPY, demonstrating my unwavering commitment to providing exceptional yacht charter services and memorable experiences in the French Riviera.

You can contact me directly at +33 (0)662.465.991 or

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