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French Riviera yacht charter: unforgettable vacation
French Riviera yacht charter: unforgettable vacation

French Riviera yacht charter: unforgettable vacation

10 August 2022

A French Riviera yacht charter is a unique experience. With crystal clear waters (visit the Golden islands) , picturesque beaches (Pampelonne is 4.5km long) , and stunning coastal towns (Cannes, Monaco and St-Tropez among the most fampus ones), the French Riviera has long been a playground for the rich and famous.

In this article, we will provide you with some tips on how to make the most of your luxury French Riviera yacht charter, ensuring that you have the experience of a lifetime.

French Riviera yacht charter: choose your tinerary

Be flexible with your Côte d’Azur charter itinerary. 

When planning a yacht charter trip, it’s common to have a set itinerary in mind. However, it’s essential to understand that a rigid schedule can limit your options and prevent you from fully enjoying your trip.

St-Tropez can be windy in the summer, as well as the area of the Golden Islands. Therefore, by being flexible, you can adapt to changing weather conditions, unexpected events, and other factors that may impact your itinerary.

By having a flexible yacht charter itinerary, you can take advantage of unexpected opportunities and discover hidden gems that you may have missed otherwise. You can explore new destinations, engage in unplanned activities, and have a more spontaneous and enjoyable trip.

French Riviera yacht charter: explore the islands

If you want to escape the crowds of the Côte d’Azur, visit the islands of the French Riviera.

Iles d’Hyères: Portcros and Porquerolles for unspoilt nature, sandy beaches and majestuous pine trees.
A day in Porquerolles

Ile d’Or: a tiny island near St-Raphael. Although the fictional Black Island of Tin-Tin was located in Scotland, it is commonly believed the inspiration for the island was actually L’ile D’or, a private island off the south of France.

Iles de Lérins: visit St-Honorat with its active monk community, its old fortress and vineyard and Ste-Marguerite, the island of the Iron Mask.

French Riviera yacht charter: try the local cuisine

No luxury French Riviera yacht charter would be complete without experiencing the local cuisine.

From fresh seafood to classic French dishes, the French Riviera is a gourmet’s paradise.

Be sure to visit some of the region’s finest restaurants, such as Le Palme d’Or in Cannes or La Voile d’Or in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat. 

The French Riviera is also home to famous beach clubs from Monaco to St-Tropez: have you tried Club 55 or Bagatelle?

And don’t forget to try some of the local wines, including the famous rosés of Provence and hidden gems such as Lerina liqueur, produced by the monks of the Lerins Abbey since the XIXth century (the recipe was refined in 1948 and is handed down from one distiller to the next).

Try your hand at water activities

The French Riviera is renowned for its crystal clear waters, making it the perfect location for water activities.

From exploring the underwater museum between the Lerins Islands and diving a submarine wreck to jet skiing and paddle boarding along the Esterel coast, there are plenty of activities to keep you entertained.

Your luxury yacht will be equipped with all the necessary equipment for you to enjoy these activities from the comfort of your yacht. And if you want to try out the latest water toys, just ask your captain or charter broker.

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About the author: Remi van der Deure – French Riviera Charter broker.


I am the senior Yacht Charter Broker at Charterminute, a well-known yacht charter boutique in Antibes.

I have served in the yacht charter industry for over 15 years and have gained a strong reputation among my clients, as evidenced by consistent 5-star ratings on Google Reviews and TripAdvisor.

My specialty is organizing corporate yacht charters for startups and large companies during popular events like the Cannes Lions Festival, MIPIM, TFWA, and MIPCOM.

I am also proud to be a member of esteemed yacht broker associations, e-MYBA and ECPY, demonstrating my unwavering commitment to providing exceptional yacht charter services and memorable experiences in the French Riviera.

You can contact me directly at +33 (0)662.465.991 or

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