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Cudajet jetpack: the Seabob killer?
Cudajet jetpack: the Seabob killer?

Cudajet jetpack: the Seabob killer?

9 June 2023

Will the new luxury water toy of 2023 overshadow the Seabob?

JetLev, mini submarine, elctric surf…In the world of luxury water toys, the CudaJet underwater jetpack is making waves.

This innovative device, designed for watersports fanatics, is being hailed as a potential “Seabob killer”.

But what makes the CudaJet so special, and could it really dethrone the Seabob in the realm of underwater propulsion devices?

CudaJet Jetpack: only 13.2kg

The CudaJet, originally a product of cutting-edge 3D printing technology, is a lightweight underwater jetpack weighing only 13.2kg.

Unlike other devices, the CudaJet is worn like a backpack, offering a hands-free experience that allows users to explore the underwater world with predator-like maneuverability. This unique design, coupled with the device’s impressive speed of 3m/s, offers an unparalleled sense of freedom and agility underwater.

The CudaJet is also gaining popularity among yacht charter owner and guests. Its compact size and ease of use make it an attractive addition to any yacht’s collection of water toys.

CudaJet Jetpack: fun & games but not only...

The CudaJet isn’t just about fun and games. The device’s propulsion system has implications beyond watersports.

Its potential uses could extend to sea rescue and emergency beachside response, making it a versatile tool for both leisure and safety.

CudaJet Jetpack Vs Seabob price

  • Seabob F5 with qucik charter: euros  16,700
  • CudaJet underwater jetpack: euros 16,365

In conclusion, the CudaJet underwater jetpack is a promising contender in the luxury water toy market. Its unique design, affordability, and potential for diverse applications make it a strong competitor against the Seabob. However, the choice between the two ultimately depends on individual preferences and needs.

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