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Yacht Ecorating

While the vast majority of yachts are still diesel powered, charterers are looking for a more environmentally friendly and fuel efficient yacht. The yachting industry is making strides to reduce its impact on the environment and its carbon footprint through innovative technologies and green initiatives.

At Charter Deal we have decided to “ecorate” every yacht we advertise: the higher the rating on a base of 100, the greener the yacht.

Our rating is based on 5 criteria that take into account the yacht’s construction process, its use and maintenance, its equipment and the owner’s commitment to reducing the yacht’s impact on the environment.

Obviously, sailing yachts/catamarans – followed by newer motor yachts – are generally the greener option for minimising your impact at sea while enjoying a luxury day charter.

Yacht design and construction

Is the yacht designed to reduce its environmental impact?

  • Hull design efficiency to reduce fuel consumption
  • Materials: sourcing, use of lightweight recycled or renewable materials for interiors, weight reduction, etc.
  • Propulsion with minimum noise and vibration at sea
  • High-tech dynamic positioning system to minimise the impact of the anchor when dropped.

Yacht carbon footprint

What is the yacht’s main propulsion system?

  • Type of propulsion: diesel, hybrid, electric, wind
  • Engine filtration system
  • Average fuel consumption at cruising speed, consumption per Nm at cruising speed

Yacht use and maintenance

How is the yacht operated by the crew?

  • Use of marine friendly & biodegradable products
  • Use of non-biocidal silicone antifouling
  • Recycling: plastic and glass water bottles
    Waste policy
  • Mooring practices to avoid damage to fragile seabed/marine ecosystems

Yacht features

Is the yacht equipped with :

  • Engines with clean exhaust
  • Black and grey water tanks
  • High-tech waste water treatment
  • Waste heat recovery system
  • LED lights, solar panels
  • Chlorine free water maker

Yacht onwership and management

This is the maximum rate per day in euros, ex VAT and taxes, ex APA (Advanced Provisioning Allowance)

  • Does the owner/yacht management support organisations working to reduce plastic pollution ?
  • Does the owner participate in charter carbon offset or research programme ?
  • Is the yacht compiant with the International Maritime Organisation Tier III regulations?

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